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For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music - The Eno Years BBC Archives 72-73


  1. Tara also toured with Ferry (and Roxy Music) on the band's For Your Pleasure tour, performing additional drums. Ferry's youngest son Merlin was seriously injured in a head on car crash in Shropshire in December [citation needed] Ferry and Helmore split in the early s following an affair she had, and they divorced in
  2. Roxy Music hett blots een Platz-Een-Noteeren in den BBC-Charts schafft. As John Lennon an' 8. Dezember dood schaaten wurr, befunnen se sück jüst up en Düütschlandtournee un hebbt spontan beslooten, hüm to Ehren an' Abend John Lennon sien Jealous Guy to spelen.
  3. Projecting a femme fatale persona worlds apart from the comparatively innocent cheap glitz and romance of Roxy’s previous cover star, Kari-Ann, it perfectly represents the music on “For Your Pleasure” as sleaziness at its most civilised becomes one of its several main themes alongside those of .
  4. Roxy Music really was Bryan’s band, it was his vision The whole construction was his in conception It wouldn’t have been as interesting a band if I’d have been able to co-opt to go in my direction. Brian Eno. For Your Pleasure remains one of Roxy’s most critically acclaimed albums, loved by fans, critics, and band members alike.
  5. Jan 13,  · Part 2 (the conclusion): For Your Pleasure reviewed by Michael Gross in the September Crawdaddy, p. 67, The integration of the band and Ferry’s vocal style form the recognizable foundations for Roxy Music. Since their first album, bassist .
  6. Mar 02,  · All of that is not to say that the album isn’t interesting, and I use the word interesting rather than entertaining, because For Your Pleasure laid out by a band of sartorial voguish art rockers, was like nothing the world had ever heard before with it’s ever changing rhythms and timings that are stacked up against Brian Eno’s percise /5(K).
  7. Sep 13,  · 1. In Every Dream Home a Heartache, from For Your Pleasure. In which everything about Roxy Music – the strange, sleazy sounds, the songs about faded glamour and empty encounters, the richness and originality of the music, the singular oddness of Bryan Ferry’s voice, come together in a maelstrom of angst and musical mayhem.

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